Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Pink manicures on Wednesdays! Join the huge group of girls across the world following this trend! I talked about it in a previous post, to read it, click HERE.

So here's mine :]

I used Fashion Bug nailpolishes. They are really cheap, but amazingly opaque and tough! I have 2 coats of the neon pink on, and an overlay of a clear red glitter polish :]  It sucks the camera didn't pick up the glitter because it is sooooo pretty, and surprisingly fine. These are actually my daughter's, but when I used them on her the first time I was dying to use them on myself. Today was the day!

They have a few colors every season, so if you want a cheap but good nail polish, go to Fashion Bug, 
$1.99 each.

Hope you all are having a wonderful and warm day, and that your nails are pretty in pink!

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