Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 11 - Bag you want to own (30 Days of Beauty)

I'll let the picture speak for itself...

OMGAWWWWWD. I love this bag. I have a JC bowler, but I love the scarf/flowers on this. Plus, it's a tote - I can carry my life around with me :] 

It sucks that everything good costs money, haha....
And update on my haul : I have about half the pictures taken! So many goodies!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 10 - Current fashion/style you like (30 days of beauty)

I don't follow fashion religiously, but I do see what is going on...

I like the color blocking trend. I kind of do that anyway, but it's fun and simple. I also really, really like the nail polishes for summer. I recently got this color from Chanel and I LOVE it...

Chanel's "Mimosa"

I can't love this color more. First of all, Mimosa? Yeah, best name ever. You can't see in the picture, but this also has really pretty gold and pink tiny reflects in it... I have it on now, and I'm seeing a little seafoam-y green ones, too. This color looks great on anyone with some summer color, and it's just freakin' awesome :]

Hope you all had a good weekend, I finally got me some tan! 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 9 - Favorite pair of shoes (30 Days Of Beauty)

I said in a previous post that I can't wear heels anymore, and even though most of them are my favorite shoes, I'm not gonna count them because I don't actually wear them. So, if I take those out of the picture, I'm going to have to go with my flip-flops.
[insert random flip-flop pic here ;)]

this is such a cute picture, haha...
but yeah, totally flip-flops. I feel like you can kind of wear them with everything, and I have a TON of colors. I'll match my shirt usually, or, my toes :]

Now, everyone knows where this is... and yes, I took a picture because it's crazyyyy...

Old Navy. The mecca of flippies :]

So, until next time my friends

[p.s. I AM going to do a haul. Look for it soon-ish]

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 8 - A picture that makes you laugh (30 Days of Beauty)

Ahh, there are so many! I'm literally online all day. I see alot of funny stuff, lol... here is the pic I picked :]

LOL, Bahahaha...

and just one more for good measure ;]


tee hee hee!

xoxo M

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 7 - Favorite animal (30 Days of Beauty)

Um, this question has nothing to do with beauty. Whatever though, I'll answer it even though it doesn't seem that interesting or that anyone would really be interested in the answer, but I will give it the same consideration I gave the other questions. 

Favorite animal (not including domesticated ones) = Arabian horse.

They are huge. And beautiful of course. They can be a good... 18, 19 hands. That is huge. I used to horseback ride, equestrian, went from beginner to advanced... once I reached as high as I could get, my family couldn't afford to send me to a professional school in CT so I gave up my dreams of being a pro. That's ok though, I still get asked to teach, and I still love everything equestrian.
So, yes. The Arabian horse. I want an 18 hand black male, and I will name him Ceasar :] Yeah, I'll keep you updated on that.

On another note, I have SO many new things I've gotten in the last couple of weeks. I'm thinking of making my first haul video. I was going to start the youtube route with a tutorial video, but, I have some good stuff. Also, even if I don't film it, I think I may at least WRITE something. I need to do something, I just don't know what it is :]

I hope you all have a fun, safe Memorial day weekend. Wear sunscreen...?


[and a realtime update... THE BRUINS ARE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP!]

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 6 - Anything Hello Kitty (30 Days of Beauty)

I just love Hello Kitty. She's so cute, and before my daughter discovered her and fell in love with her, I thought she was just some anime-like cat. So not the case! She's adorable, and I must say that I am a sucker for this...

I want this ring SO BAD. It's really hard to find things in gold or gold tone, and even harder for it to be cute! I love this. I want this. But I'm not getting it... booooo. I am not spending $500 bucks on it. I love Hello Kitty, but not that much ;]

Happy almost weekend bloggers, hope you all are having nice weather, and no one is in the hurricane zone :/

Wednesday, May 25, 2011





Day 5 - Favorite thing to do (30 Days Of Beauty)

Easiest question to answer. Shopping.
I love shopping. I shop online ALL the time. I am an ebay master, haha. I shop for makeup mainly, then accessories. Not a big clothes shopper. I have alot of staples in my closet so I would much rather spend my money on fun things!
I had ankle reconstructive surgery last year, so my days of heels are over :[ Seeing a pair of shoes that I would break the bank on I love them so much, and realizing I would never be able to wear them literally makes me want to cry!
I spend way too much money, but it just makes me so happy.
I have looked into shoppers annonymous, LOL...

So, day 5 is DEFINATELY shopping :]

I hope everyone is having a happy hump day, and sorry for lack of comments on all the blogs yesterday, blogspot was being a butthead. Hopefully it's fixed today :]


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 4 - Favorite foundation (30 Days Of Beauty) and EOTD :]

Alright, favorite foundation... this has to go to the Sephora brand foundation...
I like this brand the most because I have combination skin, and it corrects it the right way in the right places. It's light, it doesn't feel like you have much of anything on. It's not sticky, or anything... plus, they have like, a billion colors available. I can always find a shade.

Actually got some in the mail today to match my 'summer color' :]

And, today I had a ton of things to do, so I put on a little eyemakeup. Too bad I'm not wearing the foundation :/

Nothing spectacular, but it's something. I only put eye makeup on because I was going tanning and well, basically the foundation can cook to your face. Lol... but yeah, the boyfriend wanted me to do green and blue, so I did it. Anyway, so this is what I look like when I do laundry :]

Happy Monday, ew.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 3 - Favorite brush (30 Days Of Beauty)

Honestly? I'm supposed to pick a favorite brush? Here is my take on brushes - I can use any tool to get my eye makeup perfect for me. I'll even use my fingers to blend. So I mainly only have to put thought into brushes that are for the face. I picked two, obviously because 'favorite brush' could be broken down SO much further to make this a little easier :]


The silver one I use for blush and highlights because it is very soft and the application is light, so I can build it up as much as I want, OR I can keep it a nice wash of color on my cheeks depending on the eye makeup I have on that day.

And I chose the bronzer brush because it really is the perfect bronzing brush. I don't do alot of bronzing, but when I want a little extra something and want to really be able to buff it into my skin, I reach for this. I went into Sephora and told the manager that I wanted cheek bones. He grabbed both of these brushes, and bronzed me with NARS Laguna, and highlighted me with some Orgasm. It was actually quite hilarious. But he did sell me on the brushes. He also pulled me aside out of the check out line to airbrush my face because he said my skin was great. It was such a teaser! I don't think I will ever airbrush, but it was fun none the less.

So, yeah, this post was a little lengthy, but these are the two brushes I would say my face likes the most!

xoxo M

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 2 - Favorite bag (30 Days Of Beauty)

It was really hard for me to pick a favorite out of my bag collection, because they have all been number one faves at one point - that's why I have them :]
So anyway, I couldn't make a decision so I went ahead and picked the bag that I am currently using -


I really like this bag... it's big, and roomy... has a center divider/zipper compartment and organizational pockets on the inside. I also really like this bag because of the outer zippered pocket... I keep my essentials like my cell phone, chapstick, credit card, whatever I need handy, in it.

I know it isn't very exciting, but what can I say. Plus, the purple satin lining had me at hello ;]

xoxo M

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 1 - Favorite eyeliner (30 Days Of Beauty)

I have tried it all... Mac, Lancome, Sephora, Urban Decay... and I always make my way back to this drugstore eyeliner.


I just really like this one. It is sort of a staple, because I always come back to it, like I said, even after trying the more expensive or luxury brands. It stays on ALL DAY and even while I sleep. The black has a lot of depth, and all I need is one swipe. For some, I think this liner would be a little "hard" (as hard as a liner like this could be), but it's fine for my waterline. It is also very easy to smudge, and make looks a little messy if you want. But it does dry quickly.

So yes, for day one of the 30 days of beauty, here is my favorite eyeliner :]

xoxo M

Friday, May 20, 2011

30 Days Of Beauty - TAG!

So I found this on Amberlynnx3's blog, and I am so doing it :] I tag everyone to do it too!

Day 01 — Your favourite eyeliner
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Day 05 — Your favourite thing to do
Day 06 — Anything Hello Kitty
Day 07 — Your Favourite animal
Day 08 — A photo that makes you laugh
Day 09 — Your favourite pair of shoes
Day 10 — Current fashion/style you like
Day 11 — Bag you want to have
Day 12 — Your Favourite colour
Day 13 — Photo of your fashion/style icon
Day 14 — Photo of a hairstyle/haircut you’d like to have
Day 15 — Photo of your favourite bracelet
Day 16 — Music you like
Day 17 — Fashion Pieces that’s on your to-buy list
Day 18 — Your favourite beauty guru
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Day 20 — Your favourite mascara
Day 21 — Your favourite lip stick
Day 22 — What makes you happy
Day 23 — Place where you want to live
Day 24 — Your favourite food
Day 25 — What do you want to get from luuux
Day 26 — An Item from your wish list
Day 27 — Your favourite skincare product
Day 28 — Your favourite drink
Day 29 — Photo of something that makes you go awww
Day 30 — Your favourite nail polish

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm a rockstar...

that is all.

xoxo M

New goodies :]

Sorry for the lack of postings... my boyfriend lost his job so things have been a bit hectic.
However, I have ordered a few things that should be coming in the next few days...
I got:

MAC Fresh Daisy from the Flower Collection
MAC studio finish concealer
A few R&R shadows and a lip gloss (they won't be here until June >:[ )
MAC Knight Divine
MAC Simoa Silk

So I will probably do swatches, just because those take the least amount of time :]
I'll get back into the swing of things soon enough!

I hope you all are doing fab, and I have been reading the blogs I'm subbed to...

xoxo Mary

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Chemical Romance :]

I went to see MCR last night in Boston. We got SOOOOOO lost getting there because of a fire detour, but we got there!!

And of course, some dramatic concert makeup...

And my guy, Gerard Way <3

"can i getta... HELL YEAH??!!"

I had the best time! I bought the tickets in OCTOBER. I'd been tortured for months, so I was beaming with joy :]