Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Britney Spears

"I-I-I, wanna go-o-o all the way-ay-ay takin' out my freak tonight.."
I was watching the video for "I Wanna Go", the new Britney Spears song, and I loved her makeup.

So I googled a still shot, and got to work.

Inspiration picture (click on it for a better zoom of the eyes and cheeks)

My recreation.

Now, I have MUCH darker skin than Britney does in this video. I had to adapt accordingly, and people need to view it accordingly, haha.

So, I have a smoky dark gray and black lid, with the silver inner corner sparkle. Pink lips *which was incredibly hard for me to do* and bronzed cheeks. I gave myself her "glow" by using concealer and a tinted moisturizer that was a few shades lighter than my actual skin tone... I opted for no false lashes because... I'm lazy :]

There are 2 more looks on the roster that I may bust out today, and then a completely creative look. I can tell you now it isn't going to be wearable. But if you like just looking at what you can do with basically a black liner and some blues, keep an eye out for it :]

Love you all, comment below if you have any requests!

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