Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 15 & 16 (30 Days of Beauty)

Day 15 — Photo of your favourite bracelet

Um, I don't really wear bracelets. I wish I could though! My big Italian bones prohibit bangles :/

Day 16 — Music you like

I like anything that goes to the rhythm in my head. And anything that speaks to me or makes me wanna dance. That's a wide range.

On another note, today at Walgreens I picked up a nail polish that might just be my new favorite summer color. It's called "Summer Peach" by Sinful Colors... Let me try and find a picture...
 "Summer Peach" - Sinful Colors [Walgreens, $1.99]

Awesome right?! The brightest, most neon orange I have ever seen and I LOVE it. I also love Sinful Colors because they are matte... I have a purple one that I like to wear matte, and with this orange, I just put my Seche Vite over it (and if you don't know what that is, get $5 and go buy it, best top coat EVER!!).



  1. Gorgeous color!

  2. isn't it?! and it makes my hands look soooooo brown :]

  3. where'd you find seche vite for $5?? i've seen it for at least $8?? :(