Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 13 - Photo of your fashion/style icon (30 Days of Beauty)

I don't have a style icon.
I have my own style... I'll show you 2 icons though, to give a little insight into what I like :] 

 Victoria Beckham

 Kat Von D

As you can see, these are sort of at each end of the style spectrum, but I like the classic, updated look of Victoria Beckham, and I like to be a little edgy like Kat Von D. I'm into animal prints, loose flowy flattering tops, I love the off the shoulder... I wear my "stunna shades" haha... I like classic, a little sexy, casual, but some sort of statement piece. 

I don't express myself with my clothes, I do it through makeup. So whatever I like, I wear :]

Who are your style icons?

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