Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 23 - Place where you want to live (30 Days of Beauty)

Another random question on a beauty tag... um, ok haha :]

Let's see, I want to live somewhere where there is summer and fall. I have had my life full of heavy winters. Growing up in Vermont, I've seen quite a bit of snow. I don't like it! I've put some thought into this question before, and I think I'd like Arizona, Georgia, Texas... but I hate humidity. It turns my hair into a 'fro!

I've also thought about moving to Italy to be where my father and his side of my family lives. They literally live 2 steps away from the southern most tip of Italy in Calabria. I'm Mediterranean! So are my genes :] Take a look at what they get to see everyday when they wake up...

Sellia Marina, Catanzaro Italy :]

It is a tourist attraction in the summer, but the weather never changes. It's so beautiful! But it's going to be realllllly expensive to move all my stuff there, not to mention I should probably learn more Italian! But again, I have a TON of family that lives there, some of whom I've never met, I think it would be amazing.

Great, now I want to go to the beach! 


  1. saturday is beach day? :]

  2. wow so gorgeous! We used to live in San Leonardo (Northern Italy) when I was younger but not on the beach!

  3. omg you're so lucky! i'd love to go and be on that beach someday!