Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 21 - Your favourite lip stick

Oh this one is going to be hard! 
I have a few faves, I have my go to color that goes with everything because it's "my lips only better", I'm really trying to get a good nude down for my skin tone... it is very hard for me! 
If any of you have similar coloring to mine, help a girl out! Seriously...

Ok, so my "go to, MLBB" color is Spirit by MAC.
It looks very red in this picture, but if you look at MY HAUL POST, you can see a swatch. It's not really that bold :] I got this from a legit seller on eBay that I've been buying from for over a year. I don't invest my money in lipsticks. I'd rather spend it on concealer, foundation, and shadow!

Now, when was having their Rock&Republic blowout, I got the lipgloss in Trainwreck. Again, check my HAUL VIDEO to see the gloss and what else I picked up. But this color is perfect, it's a nice brownish color with very, very fine gold shimmer. I really hate frosty or shimmery lips on me, so obviously it isn't a shimmer gloss. Here's a pic of my new holy grail lip gloss...

You really can't see this gloss well. The picture is way too small, but you get the general idea!

So for now, this is what I'm using. 
I'm not a big gloss girl, I much prefer lipsticks, so I really need your help! 
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee, if you have naturally purple-ish reddish pigmented lips, and an olive/yellow complexion, let me know a good nude! 
Preferably one I can use on its own without a gloss :]

Lots of Love,

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