Friday, May 6, 2011

My Chemical Romance :]

I went to see MCR last night in Boston. We got SOOOOOO lost getting there because of a fire detour, but we got there!!

And of course, some dramatic concert makeup...

And my guy, Gerard Way <3

"can i getta... HELL YEAH??!!"

I had the best time! I bought the tickets in OCTOBER. I'd been tortured for months, so I was beaming with joy :]


  1. AHHHHHHH!!!! I'm going on the 28th here in Hollywood! I'm soooooo excited. I got my tickets in January. lol

  2. it was great, they only played like, 10 songs though... it was kind of a bummer but hey, i saw them! you'll have a blast too i'm sure :]

  3. :D Oh i will.
    I saw them way back when on the Black Parade tour, but i was way up in the high seats. I've got a plan this time i and i am no way going to be that far away. I won't stand for it!!!