Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 3 - Favorite brush (30 Days Of Beauty)

Honestly? I'm supposed to pick a favorite brush? Here is my take on brushes - I can use any tool to get my eye makeup perfect for me. I'll even use my fingers to blend. So I mainly only have to put thought into brushes that are for the face. I picked two, obviously because 'favorite brush' could be broken down SO much further to make this a little easier :]


The silver one I use for blush and highlights because it is very soft and the application is light, so I can build it up as much as I want, OR I can keep it a nice wash of color on my cheeks depending on the eye makeup I have on that day.

And I chose the bronzer brush because it really is the perfect bronzing brush. I don't do alot of bronzing, but when I want a little extra something and want to really be able to buff it into my skin, I reach for this. I went into Sephora and told the manager that I wanted cheek bones. He grabbed both of these brushes, and bronzed me with NARS Laguna, and highlighted me with some Orgasm. It was actually quite hilarious. But he did sell me on the brushes. He also pulled me aside out of the check out line to airbrush my face because he said my skin was great. It was such a teaser! I don't think I will ever airbrush, but it was fun none the less.

So, yeah, this post was a little lengthy, but these are the two brushes I would say my face likes the most!

xoxo M


  1. I thought it was ONE brush! Haha... I've never tried the airbrush seems so strange to me lol.

  2. yeah, i was getting airbrushed, and it's sort of like that mac fix+ spray... it goes on misty, but kinda drys sticky? idk how to describe it. it's also reallllllly hard to get even coverage. i won't use it, plus its like, 300 bucks!