Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 1 - Favorite eyeliner (30 Days Of Beauty)

I have tried it all... Mac, Lancome, Sephora, Urban Decay... and I always make my way back to this drugstore eyeliner.


I just really like this one. It is sort of a staple, because I always come back to it, like I said, even after trying the more expensive or luxury brands. It stays on ALL DAY and even while I sleep. The black has a lot of depth, and all I need is one swipe. For some, I think this liner would be a little "hard" (as hard as a liner like this could be), but it's fine for my waterline. It is also very easy to smudge, and make looks a little messy if you want. But it does dry quickly.

So yes, for day one of the 30 days of beauty, here is my favorite eyeliner :]

xoxo M


  1. This looks like kinda a funn thing to do, i might have to do it too

  2. you should! i would love to see what other people say, it gives good ideas and very interesting!