Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 6 - Anything Hello Kitty (30 Days of Beauty)

I just love Hello Kitty. She's so cute, and before my daughter discovered her and fell in love with her, I thought she was just some anime-like cat. So not the case! She's adorable, and I must say that I am a sucker for this...

I want this ring SO BAD. It's really hard to find things in gold or gold tone, and even harder for it to be cute! I love this. I want this. But I'm not getting it... booooo. I am not spending $500 bucks on it. I love Hello Kitty, but not that much ;]

Happy almost weekend bloggers, hope you all are having nice weather, and no one is in the hurricane zone :/


  1. I like your new background! That ring is so cute!! But man, $500?!! There's gotta be a knock-off somewhere! haha..

  2. haha great minds think alike... been ebay hunting for a while now! and thank you :]

    i tried all day yesterday to comment your blog to no avail!