Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 5 - Favorite thing to do (30 Days Of Beauty)

Easiest question to answer. Shopping.
I love shopping. I shop online ALL the time. I am an ebay master, haha. I shop for makeup mainly, then accessories. Not a big clothes shopper. I have alot of staples in my closet so I would much rather spend my money on fun things!
I had ankle reconstructive surgery last year, so my days of heels are over :[ Seeing a pair of shoes that I would break the bank on I love them so much, and realizing I would never be able to wear them literally makes me want to cry!
I spend way too much money, but it just makes me so happy.
I have looked into shoppers annonymous, LOL...

So, day 5 is DEFINATELY shopping :]

I hope everyone is having a happy hump day, and sorry for lack of comments on all the blogs yesterday, blogspot was being a butthead. Hopefully it's fixed today :]


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