Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 4 - Favorite foundation (30 Days Of Beauty) and EOTD :]

Alright, favorite foundation... this has to go to the Sephora brand foundation...
I like this brand the most because I have combination skin, and it corrects it the right way in the right places. It's light, it doesn't feel like you have much of anything on. It's not sticky, or anything... plus, they have like, a billion colors available. I can always find a shade.

Actually got some in the mail today to match my 'summer color' :]

And, today I had a ton of things to do, so I put on a little eyemakeup. Too bad I'm not wearing the foundation :/

Nothing spectacular, but it's something. I only put eye makeup on because I was going tanning and well, basically the foundation can cook to your face. Lol... but yeah, the boyfriend wanted me to do green and blue, so I did it. Anyway, so this is what I look like when I do laundry :]

Happy Monday, ew.

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  1. Haha...you sure look awful purdy when you do laundry!! :)