Friday, July 8, 2011

Ok, time to get serious.


Girls, I need your help. I have absolutely NO inspiration lately. 
This is where the followers come in...

I need ideas!
Something fun. It can be anything. Hot, summer looks, colorful, anything.
Comment below, and hopefully I can pick one, get off my butt and bust out the brushes :]

Love you all,


  1. if your talking about FOTD then I suggest to check out we heart it- I love the site! so much photography to get inspired, I know thats where I get inspirations. google pictures your favorite celeb, see what she comes up with and re-create it! I did this FOTD with kourtney kardashian's promo pic for season 6- check it out if you would like! here's the link:

    r u on beautylish? if not, you need to be!

  2. i am on beautylish :]

    i like themes rather than recreations.

  3. Although it may be a little cliche, why not do some botanical-inspired looks. There are a lot of flowers out in the summer...bleeding hearts, lilies, etc, etc