Monday, July 25, 2011

Captain America - Super Soldier


Here is part 2, the more literal of the series. Part 1 was classic 40's era makeup, and this is WAY more costume makeup [which btw, is my favorite makeup to do]

Here is the inspiration pic -

Here is my recreation -

I just did the eyes, because the face wouldn't really have been anything. No lipstick, nothing like that. Had I done my face I probably would have contoured with a gray toned powder. I wanted to keep it looking "dirty" - I am a soldier. Soldiers get dirty. I wanted to keep some of the star in the look, so I went with disconnected star points for my outer corner. I lined that with red to keep the red in the look as well.

Since the inspiration picture is so dark and dirty, I kept it just that. I used a bunch of grays and blacks, I used a bright silver on the inner corner for drama, and my lid just a very dark blue. I blended everything out with typographic from MAC. It's just a dark gray. This would be my Captain America super soldier war-paint. 

This was so much fun. Another cool movie needs to come out so I can do some more :]
Tomorrow is going to be an AOTD and NOTD, so stay watchin' for that!

Love you all, 


  1. What a cool way to pull insperation! this would never have occured to me!

  2. I love it! I just did a post yesterday on Captain America too =) the makeup is lovely!

  3. omg this is awesome! You did a great job :)