Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fallen Angel

I finally got to use my fantastic feather lashes today. I thought I would do a fallen angel look. The feathers (or wings) are black, and the eye makeup is generally dark since I have "fallen" from above. However, I am still an angel, so I had to glow :)

Here is a shot of the products I used. Ask if you want to know what/how I did something :)

 I got this in the mail today, so I had to use it. The colors are really beautiful, rich, and very pigmented. This is the YSL Sparkling Quartz/Amethyst duo. I was very afraid of the lighter color, I thought it was going to be very pink, but it is actually a gorgeous irridescent white color with lots of shimmer. I used it as an all over highlight, and really got that angelic glow. I love this duo.

YSL Shimmering Quartz/Amethyst Duo

SO, yeah. I hope you like this look. I really loved doing it. I'm going to start trying to take a picture after each step, but when I do my makeup, it comes so organically by the time I realize I need to take a picture, I'm ten steps in. I'm working on it :)



  1. Stunning! You have gorgeous eyes btw :)

  2. I want you to know, that i love almost everything you do. Including this....I'm going to steal those lashes while your not looking.....>.>

  3. thank you so much kattatonic! i really enjoy that you post daily, i do read even though i don't post!

    wait until you see my next post. katy perry :]