Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My friend went to NY on business last week and she brought me back a present! She said, "I saw these and INSTANTLY thought of you."

Do my friends know me or what?! I absolutely love them. And if you can't tell from the picture, they are feathersssss!! When I saw them I was instantly inspired to do a fallen angel look. Now, with them against my leopard print, I could do something animal, too :] Be prepared for 2 looks...

I know I haven't done any makeup in a while, but I've been sick with med changes. All lightheaded isn't the most desirable condition to do eye makeup. So, don't stop checking out my blog, there will be looks!

[and just off topic, does anyone know of a good quality, REASONABLY PRICED, camera to record looks with? i'm not going to be a youtube channel, so i don't need the good stuff. just something to record :)]



  1. wow those lashes are to die for!!! video camera sorry idk mine has it built in

  2. i know! i can't wait to see them on... mine has a built in camera, i just haven't tested it out... maybe i should do that, haa.

  3. I want those lashes.
    And you've also been tagged for this award...again.