Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beauty Tips 101

I went to the mall yesterday to pick up Victoria Secret's lip scrub/balm pro product. And it was sold out. I was super bummed. However, when I got home, I thought 'how hard can this be to make at home for cheap'???

I read through some of my makeup books, and stumbled across a scrub I used when I was in highschool. We won't talk about that, because it makes me feel OLD. Anyway, if you're interested in what I'm talking about, read on :]

This is what you need:

lemon juice (optional)

just mix the vaseline (if you don't have vaseline just layer on a TON of chapstick and add the sugar straight to your lips) and the sugar to an almost paste like consistancy. This is where you would add the optional lemon juice (all it really does is kind of act as a bleaching agent, and makes it tingly.)

once it's mixed, warm up your lips with a damp, hot washcloth. This just kind of loosens all the dead skin.
next, apply the solution to your lips and rub in a circular motion for about, 2 minutes.
remove the product with a damp papertowel or wash cloth, and add lip balm.

ta dah! exfoliated, soft lips. if you have a little container, and have some left over, it stays good in the fridge for about a week. i haven't tried longer, so i'm not going to say anything i haven't already done.

i hope this was helpful. exfoliating is great for me because i HATE the feeling of having something on my lips so I like to just use a stain. a stain on dead skin lips = HORRIBLE!



  1. ooh great tip! I just exfoliated my lips mine has mint in it I wonder if you could add mint extract or something lemons a tad sour for me lol!!

  2. you absolutely could! i am just not a fan of peppermint. it's quite nice with a little rose water, or honey...

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