Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm now getting paid to shop...

Why hasn't anyone told me about Ebates?! I stumbled across the site while shopping at JCPenny's online.

So, I signed up. You get to the site you want to shop at through their site, and you get a percentage back! So, every month, you get a check in the mail of your rebates.

I'm getting paid to shop. Ahh, a dream come true :]

For all of you out there who didn't know as well, here is a link. Check it out :] it really is worth it if you do a lot of your shopping online like I do.

Ebates Site :]

I'll be posting more. Thank God Halloween is over! But now this site? Cha-ching for all my Christmas shopping!! Yeahhhhhhh buddy.

Lots of Love,

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