Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Makeup Trends 2012

Fall is right around the corner and that means new makeup trends for a new season. Of course there are staples and repeats that are usually dubbed "fall makeup" like strong brows and red lips but this year there are a few looks that are a little more... out there. I chose the 5 I like the most. There are so many sites and magazines out that will tell you all of them, but I am showcasing the ones I feel are most user friendly, usable.
So here are my top 5 trends for fall!

1. Futuristic Eyes
Makeup artists went crazy applying grease paint around the eyes at Prada and smudging black kohl liners at Marc Jacobs. The runway looks are always more extreme but, you can push the envelope a little more than usual with dramatic dark carbon black liner applied thickly and saturated eye shadows past your outer corner for that dramatic pop.

2. Blackberry Lips
Red is always on the list of trends for fall but the trend this year is a deep mulled-wine or "blackberry" stain with chocolate brown undertones.You can go for a creamy matte all the way to a high patent-leather looking gloss. The best way to wear this look is with a FLAWLESS face. The saturation can be as sheer or as opaque as you dare, but remember to exfoliate those lips for a flake-free pout. To see a PERFECT way to get this look, check this video by Jackie. It's perfection.

3. Defined Brows

Always on point with fall. Play up your brow shape by feathering on pencils and shadows to really bring out your arch — and just for fun, the daring can even add a few sparkles like were seen on the runway.

4. Mesmerizing Multi-Toned Eyes

Statement-making eyes, the kind of jewel tones like blue-brown, cool greens, and cobalt. For a chic look, go for shadows with hints of silver or gold mixed into the color to soften the effect and complement your skin tone.

5. Smoky Browns

Fashion shows and make up companies love to reinvent black. This year, brown is "the new black". The nice  thing about brown is its versatility. You can go chocolate or tan and it can be layered on for more or less intensity and suits all complexions. Try rimming your eyes with anything from khaki to mocha, then blurring it out for a smoldering look.

I have plans to create some of these trends and put them on here. Is anyone going to try any of these new and improved staples of fall trends??

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  1. Love this post informative and str8 to tha point get it girl ;))

    1. thanks girl! i think i'm really gonna dig the blackberry lips ;]

  2. Love it! Great info and thanks so much for linking my video. Luv ya!!!

    1. you're very welcome! i love your blackberry lips! luv ya 2!