Thursday, August 16, 2012

... I'm baaaaaack!

Holy moly has life taken ahold of me! Summer time, school vacation, stuff...

I'd never been so busy in my life, but I'm back!

Any requests [reviews, makeup looks, tips & tricks, anything] would be appreciated! Let me know what you want to see/read :]

Regardless, the posting resumes!

Lots of Love,


  1. I love that you do a blog.. I want to hear about your opinions lady :-)

    1. ok :] great ideas too, having a bit of writer's block!

  2. I have multiple requests:

    1. I am a bare Essentials addict but recently I have begun to break out like crazy on the lower half of my it time for a switch? If yes, to what?

    2. I love the idea of a lip stain but I bought 2 of them and they both seem dried up after just a couple uses and they leave little specks of purple on my lips? What the hell?

    3. What color lip stuff do you suggest for me? I have had it with every shade of purple. I am so over it and want something different! I also do not do reds.

    4. When it is humid out (which is like every friggen day) my mascara is sticky. Its annoys the crap put of me because it is like it WILL NOT DRY! So then my lashes stick together and all day long I am trying to pull the clumps apart because they mess with my contacts. Any suggestions?

    5. I cant for the life of me fins a good eyeliner. I have two rambunctous kids to deal with in the morning by myself so liquid liner is out of the question. It takes too long and my daughter tugs at my leg while I apply it and my son bounces areound the house causing my hand to shake and it ends up too thick of a line. I tryed Cosmo's suggestion and got a "gel liner" that is supposibly the best from Revlon. Yeah right! It never dries, it is not waterproof, and my eye lids are literally allergic to it. It actually smears onto my contacts every time my eyes move throughout the day. I cant stand it.

    1. I have multiple answers...

      1. use anything different since noticing the breakout? if so, it's that. if not, switch up the makeup. get something for sensitive skin, no fragrance... mineral makeup has mineral oils in it and those can be really irritating to the skin. i can't use it and my skin is pretty tough. i would try laura mercier, her powder foundations are amazing.

      2. lip stains do dry out, they dry out in the packaging and they dry out your lips. just the nature of the beast. before you use a lip stain make SURE that your lips are exfoliated and moisturized - the stain will cling to the dead skin and only highlight the area. the new revlon kissable lip stains are AMAZING and if i could recommend one for you i'd choose 'honey'.

      3. you can wear any lip color. you have the skin, eyes, and hair for anything. i would do peachy nudes. or mauvey nudes. any color that's kind of in the same range of the "my lips but better" colors. my lips are very pigmented, so i never use anything, work with the color you have and you'll find the right shades in lipstick every time.

      4. use waterproof. if you're already doing that and it's still getting sticky, toss it. before you put your second coat of waterproof mascara on, the first coat should be dry. a mascara that is ok should always dry. try the maybelline colossal.

      5. try a liquid liner pen! l'oreal just came out with new ones, it's just like writing. if you find that they are smearing, use a dark shadow to set the liner after you put it on. or you could just use a dark shadow to define your eyes. the urban decay ones are good, but very dupable in the drugstore. also, you could start using an eye primer. it helps if you need it.

      did that help?! i hope so :]

  3. Oh my gosh Mary you are incredible. I am going to try all of your suggestions this weekend!

    Thank you XOXO

    1. you're welcome, lord knows i love giving my opinion ;]