Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How To: Wear Orange Lips

Orange lips are all the rage for spring and summer. I personally love this trend, it can be worn so many ways. In this post I show you 3 different ways to do an orange lip - from sheer to full on BAM! in your face.

Keeping in mind, orangey tones generally work with both brunettes and blondes as well as fair and dark complexions. It’s just a matter of finding your personal best shade of orangey goodness.

You can pair an orange lip with a golden eyeshadow, bronzer and you're ready to go. You can also rock this trend with simple black liner and mascara. Something more neutral - with such a bold lip, you want to keep the focus there and down play the eyes a bit. Always moisturize your lips first, because vibrant lipstick can emphasize chapped, flaky lips!

However, since there are no rules when it comes to makeup, you can do whatever you want to your face. These are merely suggestions :]

Below are pictures of a way to wear this color. Sheer, muted, and bold. I have done a simple copper eyeshadow, winged liner, and a frosty gold highlight on my eyes. On my cheeks I have some bronzer and a pinch of a peachy-pink blush.


 Sheer Look
"Orange Juice" lipgloss by Sephora

Muted Look
"Ravishing" by MAC

Bold Look
"Lady Danger" by MAC

So there are a few options on how to rock this trend. As far as fashion and wardrobe is concerned, monochromatic outfits and simple neutral outfits can most definitely compliment this lip. Also, jewel tones can make this really stand out. Again, do as you will, there are essentially no rules in your personal fashion :]

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  1. it's so gorgeous! i saw marlena from mug use it once. paused the video and ordered it ;]

  2. I absolutely love Ravishing. What a gorgeous lipstick on you!

  3. Love the lipstick color

  4. aww thanks girls <3 are you going to try orange?!