Monday, December 26, 2011

My nailpolish bucket list.

Ok, let me first address the fact that I didn't do a classic Christmas look. 
I'm sorry! I just didn't have the time. I have a 6 year old and Santa was coming.
Enough said. Next series I do will be bomb and on time, lol.

So today, I wanted to go to Sally's so bad and just buy all of the polishes I wanted. However, since Christmas especially, I am broke haha.

So here are the top 5 polishes I am going to collect first. One by one. Enjoy :]

#5 - "The One That Got Away" by OPI
So gorgeous. I love metallics, I love purple, it's opaque and I want it.

#4 - "Emerald Black" by Models Own
This is part of their "Beetlejuice" collection. I LOVE this color. I have no idea where I can get Models Own, but I need to find out and order this online asap. I like having dark colors on my nails (i'm natural and square), but I like to switch it up every few days and this could be an 'all the time' color for me. I love the duo chrome.

#3 -  "Golden Green" by Models Own
From what I've seen online, I am really liking Models Own polishes. This is also from the "Beetlejuice" collection, and literally took my breath away. I have been looking for a green metallic for a long time. Everything was always too lime, or blue. This is GREEN. Hmm, I wonder if they have an army green...
Here it is :]

#2 - "Pros and Bronze" by OPI
I grew up on OPI. I've tried to convert so many times, but I always find myself back to them. I love the brush, I love the formula, just my favorite brand! This color is beautiful. I would consider this a neutral color for me. I wear a lot of bronze and golds. I'm Italian, what can I say ;]
Take a look-see...

#1 - "Sweet Peacock" by Orly
LOVE IT! I really love blue nails, but it has to be the right kind of blue. The milky ones look odd, and I don't like the robin's egg color, or easter colors... I don't know, I'm picky with blues and this is amazing. I love metallics, they make your nails really pop. My nails are my #1 accessory!
So here is this amazing blue. I've never tried Orly, but this is soooo pretty...

So yeah, I hope you liked this post. 
The colors are by no means in any particular order. They are all a part of the many colors I want to add to my collection. I am going to look more into Models Own. If you like nail polish like the ones I showed, I think you will like them. I can't vouch for anything physical about it since I've only been stalking it online, but the colors are amazing.
I hope you all had a merry Christmas, or happy holidays. Whatever you celebrate, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


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