Monday, September 12, 2011

Theme Collab with YouTuber PiinkLemonaade :]

I watch a lot of YouTube, and while I was browsing I found a new girl to watch. Her tutorials are nice, and she is awesomely daring with her makeup sometimes.

I messaged her and asked if she would like to collab on a video/post theme, and I could have died when she said yes. Lmao.

Anyway, I got white wine, and she did red wine. Check out her video, I'm putting it at the end.
I hope you enjoyed this little combo. It was fun making it, and I actually got really into the white wine thing.
I even added some green and purple, and brown liner. It was fun!

I hope you like it, as always.
I really think it came out nice,
it kinda looks like bridal makeup though.

Check out PiinkLemonaade's video :]
[she hasn't posted it yet, when she does I will do an updated post]

Lots of Love,

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