Monday, March 21, 2011

Superhero Series Part 3 of 4 - Elektra

This was so much fun. I LOVE playing with reds. Red lips are always fun, too :]
I present to you, Elektra.

Elektra is a kunoichi – female ninja assassin – of Greek descent. She wields a pair of bladed sai as her trademark weapon. She is a love interest of the superhero Daredevil, but her violent nature and mercenary lifestyle divide the two.

So there is number 3. I have saved the best (in my opinion) for last, it's going to be very cool :]

xoxo MM


  1. WOW this looks awesome!! I love the shape you made with it :)

    You've pulled off (the always hard red eyeshadow) look off so effortlessly :)

  2. Ooooh!! HAWT stuff...honest..the Makeup is hot!! :) :) i love it!!